Here at Cagle Bail Bonds we understand that getting somewhere is sometimes hard to to however you still may have loved ones that need bonded. Let us come to you. If you are within 15 minutes of the Fulton County Jail and unable to travel we will come to you. Please be sure to mention so when you speak with one of our agents therefore we can properly take care of all your needs.

If your loved one went to court the bond information usually will not reflect the courts ruling until somewhere between the hours of 5-7pm.


Once the bond is signed it then can take Fulton County anywhere between 6 and 24 hours to release them, it is completely out of our control at that point.

It is your responsibility to inform our staff if there are any changes to the address or phone number you provided when your bond was completed. It is also your responsibility to inform the clerks office at the court house as well. 

Be aware no refunds are given after an agent has signed the bond.

Know the facts: It is very COSTLY and difficult to remove yourself from a bond. You will not be removed due to an argument or disagreement you have had with the bonded individual. KNOW WHO YOUR BONDING OUT